Year-End Review: 2013’s Love List

The funny thing about setting goals is that sometimes, you treat them like a crock pot. Set it and forget it! Write it down, then throw it out.

I checked in on my list in March (read that here), but now it’s December, and I’m thinking about next year. Before I can articulate what I’d like to accomplish in the next 12 months, I’d like to see, without judgement, how I did in 2013.

Here’s the list of things that were important to me this time last year:

  1. Add yoga back to my life. Accomplished this by making it a priority. All you have to do is get to your mat, I tell myself, when I find excuses to skip. The rest will work itself out.
  2. Do a pull up. Not yet, but by Fincon 2014, I will at least do more pull-ups than Crystal.
  3. Give away 100 Nicer Notes. I’m not sure if I did this. I mean, I can’t find the remaining notes, but I also don’t have a memory of giving them away. I have lost interest in this project. I wonder if it’s something I want to pick back up in 2014?
  4. Keep the phone in the living room. No, that hasn’t happened. I use my phone as my alarm. I don’t check things in the middle of the night anymore, and I don’t check things right before bed, so mission accomplished, although not quite the one that was written.
  5. Start cataloging fun, frugal Portland activities. Yes, to a certain extent. I’ve also started another site where I’m cataloging more things in a photo-friendly, low word-count format.
  6. Pay off student loan. Yes indeed, in early February, thanks to a tax refund.
  7. Pay off car loan. I did that, too. Then I reflected on what it feels like to be out of debt.
  8. Visit Nana. I saw her twice! I went to visit in January, and she came to be with us for two weeks when Mom died.
  9. Speak at a conference for work. Done.
  10. Speak at a conference for Frugal Portland. Also done. I spoke about how if you have a voice, a story, and $30, you can start a blog that makes money. The talk was well-received, and I’m thinking about writing an ebook around that subject.
  11. Guest post on Get Rich Slowly. No, and I don’t think this is a goal of mine anymore. The links would be good, and traffic would be fun, but I think I still have too thin of skin for that site. I’ll stick to being real-life friends with bloggers instead. Thanks, friends for being nice to me in my corner of the internet!
  12. Host 50 giveaways at 44. Calling this a pass!
  13. Get naked with my finances over at Consumerism Commentary. Yes, and this was so super awesome. I’m not doing it again, since I’m out of debt and on the right track (thanks to the lovely people who helped!) but it was one of the best ideas 2012 Kathleen had.
  14. Complete the Yakezie challenge. Done! Again, highly recommend. Want to start a personal finance blog, but don’t know anyone? Join Yakezie. You’ll find like-minded people, and friends who can answer your questions.
  15. Max out my IRA again. Maxed out. Wahoo! Okay, this is pretty amazing. I paid off all my consumer debt and I maxed out my IRA. Can you hear that? It’s the sound of me, patting myself on the back. Holy cow.
  16. Save 50% of my after-tax income. I haven’t done the math, but I’m calling this a pass, given that I have a pretty hefty cushion in savings and I’ve split every paycheck equally into savings and checking.
  17. Create things. I made more websites? I’m not sure what 2012 Kathleen meant by that. I made 38 batches of caramels. I’m working on “Kathleen’s Homemade Christmas”. I wrote a Christmas letter. I painted a freakin’ wall in my condo! I have written six million blog posts (okay perhaps that last one was an exaggeration).
  18. Increase net worth by 50%. Done. The latest version of “Kathleen’s Naked Finances” says it’s up 190% this year! It also says I’m 31 and single, though, so you can’t believe everything you read.
  19. Spend more time with my friends and family. Giving myself a pass here, although the way this is worded, it makes me sad. There really are never enough moments, friends. Never. Spend your time loving. Bite your tongue until it hurts. Just keep the peace and spend time enjoying the company of your friends and family. You’ll never know when you won’t get the chance.
  20. Determine the non-negotiables. The subtext on this was “don’t bend to what other people want in relationships” and I have passed this with flying colors. When I met Brent, I was talking to a friend on the phone, a little exasperated. “Well! I just got my life the way I wanted it, and now this guy has come along and I’m going to have to change things!” I lamented. His advice was exactly what I needed to hear at the time. “Why do you need to change anything at all?” he asked. “Try not changing things, and see if he’s still around.” This, sadly, was groundbreaking advice from a great friend. Thanks, Robbe!
  21. Learn to ride a bicycle. Done. After I moved into the new place, though, I stopped riding it to work. In fact, I pretty much stopped riding altogether. But I have the bike now, and once the puppy gets old enough so that I don’t have to come home every day in the middle of the day, I’ll start bike commuting again. I know, excuses, excuses. Right, Mr. Money Mustache?
  22. Take a picture a day. I didn’t do this, per se. I did take a lot of pictures, and I’ve gotten better at picture taking in general, but I didn’t participate in any challenge. I think I have something against arbitrary goals. Run x miles this year! Take y pictures! Lose z pounds! (Heh. “Lose zee pounds!” is something a spatula-wielding Italian chef might say.)
  23. Help my sister plan a frugal wedding. No, but sometimes life doesn’t go quite the way you plan it. It wasn’t the right relationship for her at the time, and she called the wedding off. I’m still proud of her for doing something that hard. Sometimes it’s challenging to follow your heart, and it’s especially difficult when you have to do it after the save-the-dates have gone out in the mail. But when the day comes? She better believe I’ll help her plan!

Well, that was a lot to do in one calendar year!

Here’s my year, in pictures:

002013 year in review













  1. says

    Hi Kathleen. Great list of goals! I especially like "Take a picture a day." I need to get better at picture taking in general. I also find it helpful to make a list of goals to be accomplished 5 years from now. It helps in staying focused on those long term goals.

  2. Anne - Unique Gifter says

    I love this post!! Your pictures are awesome, too, btw. GRS is totally off my radar because of all the jerk-faces that comment there.
    It sounds like you had a solid year… some big bads in there, but lots of goods as well :-)

  3. says

    Loving the year in pictures. I need to go over my goal posts and do an update as well. This year has been so packed, last December seems like ages ago. In a totally good way. What a great year it's been! Looks like your's has been pretty incredible as well :)

  4. Micro says

    I will be waiting until December is a little closer to over before reviewing my year and thinking about what I want to achieve for 2014. I have some rough ideas in my head, I just need to get them written down. Sounds like you had an awesome year though, congrats.

  5. says

    Kathleen, what an amazing year and I love the pictures!! You have accomplished so much and should feel so proud. Rock STAR!! Can't wait to see what you do in 2014.

  6. deardebt says

    Kathleen, you have had a vibrant, enriching, full year. I know it wasn't always great, but this was a life changing year. Congrats to being debt free and doing all the amazing things you have done. Thanks for reminding us to keep the peace and love our family and friends. You have such a wonderful voice and glad that I could be your friend. Love the pictures of us in March!

  7. Budget & the Beach says

    ha I like the crock pot reference. Totally true sometimes. It's been quite a year for you! Love the pictures recap. I think I would also have a hard time writing on Get Rich Slowly. I'd probably find myself in the fetal position crying from mean people's comments. :) Wishing you nothing but the best for next year Kathleen!

  8. says

    Oh Kathleen this is a great post, I love reading about people's goals and seeing them in pics makes it that much better. It looks like you had a great year – looking forward to 2014.

  9. says

    Wow, Kathleen you have been busy. Looks life you accomplished a lot this year. Anyway is "frugal wedding" an oxymoron. My daughter is getting married in a year and I know it will not be frugal. Anyway, I think I am going to do my own list to assess where I am here on stuff that I want to do.

  10. says

    Jumped over here from NZ Muse…. such a neat way to wrap up the year! & I agree about Get Rich Slowly… I had 2-3 guest posts there and got hammered. But I guess I had it coming… definitely helped thicken my skin!


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