Ten Ways Frugal Portland is Saving in 2012

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Saving money, living frugally, enjoying Portland. These are all things I intend to do. But how? Here are ten ways I’m saving this year.

  1. Never eat in restaurants alone, and when a friend suggests meeting for dinner, offer to cook. This is almost always cheaper and more fun than going out.
  2. Drink coffee at work during the week, and buy coffee on the weekends, but only if coffee comes with free wireless internet, and I’m planning on doing work while there.

    grocery shopping ONCE a week

  3. Walk to work three days a week starting in March. This will cut down on my car expenses, and allow for some quiet time in the morning.
  4. Grow a garden starting in March. The new place has a space for gardening, and if I can start seeds, then it will be cost effective to grow easy things like herbs and cucumbers.
  5. Don’t buy lunch in restaurants. There’s nothing worse than forgetting to bring lunch because the cost of forgetting is around $10.
  6. Don’t spend money on spend-nothing Mondays.
  7. Only go to the grocery store once a week. Fewer trips = less money spent.
  8. No haircuts or clothes shopping until credit card debt is paid off.
  9. No shopping for workout clothes, period. I have seven (seven!) pairs of black workout pants. That’s enough.
  10. Make cleaning products (both personal cleaning and household cleaning) at home.


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    • says

      Yes, I intend to adhere to all of these. I'm not yet out of cleaning products but I'll definitely make my own. I already have the recipes. It's not as hard core as it sounds — it just involves a bunch of vinegar.

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