Pinterest and Frugal DIY: Hand soap

DIY for me is a mixed bag. I am a renter, so I haven’t had any reason to do anything really home-improvement oriented. My DIY are more focused on crafting, painting, cooking.

Enter Pinterest. If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, it’s an online community where women post pictures of inventive ways to clean, clever ways to entertain babies, diet food (women love food with the word “skinny” in the title), inspirational quotes, and weddings of their dreams. (You can see my contributions on the left.)

And barely clothed women, as something they refer to as “thinspiration” which is another made-up word that is defined as “making women feel bad for eating ice cream instead of working out and getting to the perfect size negative three.”

You can quote me on that.

I like Pinterest, I really do. I’m following (because in this social network it isn’t about friends, it’s about followers) the sisters and mom of the man I’m dating, and it has really helped with gift ideas.

Sometimes it’s fun to look at the Pinterest boards of random strangers. Maybe this is just because deep down I am not a nice person, but I try to go out of my way to find people who have boards called “just add husband” or something. These are so fun. By the looks of things, they are done by very young women (maybe even girls!) and they are the internet equivalent of Wedding Barbie. Pin after pin of wedding rings (each one with a higher carat weight than the previous), color schemes, wedding dresses, guest book ideas, and venue thoughts.

A decent side note: perhaps, men, before date six or seven, see if your beloved has a dream wedding Pinterest board. Then, you know, high tail it out of there.

Oh dear, I just looked at the title of this post. So, hand soap! Pinterest is actually awesome for those projecty blogs that I don’t read. It’s a visual reminder of how to do some things.

I ran out of hand soap the other day. So, I looked at Pinterest. And found:


So, I made my own hand soap.

It was kind of awesome, I’m not going to lie.

Was it cheaper? That seems unlikely, since if I were trying to be the cheapest version of myself possible, I’d get hand soap from the dollar store.

Honestly, it felt mostly like I was pulling one over on “the system” — I used hotel soap (which my mom, for some reason, likes to take home from work trips), water, and vegetable glycerin. It made soap. Nothing fancy, just soap.

I’m definitely going to keep making my household cleaning supplies.

But in order for the natural stuff to actually be cost-effective, I need to buy things in waves.

So, when I run out of Windex, I’ll buy white vinegar.

When I run out of laundry detergent, I’ll buy washing soda.

And I won’t get any cleaning supply related headaches.

Want to follow me on Pinterest? I promise not to post scantily clad women.