Why I Don’t Cut Back on the Little Things

2122 SE DivisionI was thinking about being frugal at happy hour tonight. I was drinking a drink with a silly name that packed a punch and was artistically (even lovingly!) crafted by the bartender. I was meeting my new landlord and signing documents and learning more about the person from whom I’d be renting. I really enjoyed her company, and I really enjoyed being out. What I realized was that I am frugal in my every day life so that I can enjoy, without the slightest hint of guilt, a drink and some pickles out at happy hour.


Because I don’t go out often, and because I am frugal most of the time, I can say “okay” to a $10 purchase every now and then without worrying.


Sure, I’ll pick quarters (dimes and nickels) off the street. Sure, I’ll cut back on unnecessary spending. But if I want a cup of coffee at a coffee shop on the weekends, I don’t think twice.

The situation would be different if I treated myself with manicures and spa treatments and whatnot. Cutting those out would make a huge impact. And if I can feel 100% spoiled for the price of a drink and a snack, then I’m doing just fine. It doesn’t take much for me to feel like I’ve treated myself.


There are two sides to living well, I think. Living frugally and spending consciously.


So, Bar Avignon, I’m so excited that you’ll be my closest bar soon.