Fun things that caught my eye recently

Here are some of the posts that have gotten my attention this week:

{Daisy} said to comment on other people’s blogs in order to get comments on yours. She’s already gotten 600+ comments this month alone, which means I should listen to her advice. In the post, she shares some of her growing pains, and the things she has learned.

Panasonix Lumix DMC GX1

hello, gorgeous

{Digital Photography School} gave me a new camera to lust after. I really want a new camera. I have a nice one, but I really want one that has removable lenses. I’d been eyeing the Fujifilm X series (the X100, in particular) because it has a really cool, retro look. But my camera-dork coworker kept telling me that it doesn’t have removable lenses so it probably isn’t worth the price tag. So, I decided I would hold off until I made enough money on the side to pay for it. Then, this little number came up in my reader. DPS says the downsides don’t exist. Now, all I need to do is win enough Amazon gift card giveaways!

spring pesto "pasta"

{Against All Grain} posted a fantastic spring pasta thing, made out of zucchini “noodles” — now I want a julienne peeler! Maybe Goodwill has one? Has anyone had cashew cream? I’m not a vegan but that looks fantastic!

{Sam at Yakezie} posted his value proposition. I really like Yakezie, and the people are super nice. I’m absolutely a newbie, and a challenger, but the forums are wonderful, they don’t let jerks come to play, and the community is unique and wonderful.