Groupon Has Coupons!

groupon has couponsI feel like I’ve been talking about Groupon forever. They launched right before I got my financial act together, and I spent more money than I had on things that were on sale. As an aside, spending money on something just because it’s on sale is not a great way to build wealth or dig yourself out of debt.

You knew this already, though. Because you’re smart and wonderful and your hair smells like strawberries.


Groupon got big immediately, and since they had an easy-to-replicate business model, the market provided us with many opportunities to buy coupons.

Several years have passed, and Groupon is still in the game. In fact, anytime I want to do something fun, I check Groupon first.

Something spa related? Yep, checking Groupon first. A massage? No need to even ask! There are always deals for those kinds of activities. If I were more of a planner, I would buy the manicure/pedicure deals (two at a time, so I can bring my sister), but when I want to get my nails done, it’s typically a combination of missing my mom (the ultimate nail-doer) and wanting to spend time with a good friend or sister (lucky for me, my sister is my good friend).

Here’s something I didn’t know: Groupon has coupons!

Now there’s another reason to check Groupon first: coupons!

Regardless of how you feel about extreme couponing at the grocery store, you have to agree: entering a coupon code when you’re already buying something anyway just makes sense.

Groupon has over 55,000 coupons from more than 8,000 stores as of right now, and that number is growing. Some of their top stores right now are American Eagle, Sports Authority and Nordstrom.

So, check Groupon before you spend money in your hometown, and now, check Groupon coupons to save money on online purchases. Simple as that!