Fun things that caught my eye recently

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{Jefferson} at See Debt Run fixed his own electrical problems last weekend. This impresses me beyond belief. He spelled it out so that it was easy, and he made me realize that it’s not necessarily a “boy job” or a “hire someone” job, when things go awry. Still, for the time being, it’s a “landlord” job and that is just fine with me.

{Rob Bechizza} at BoingBoing posted a transcript he delivered to college students about blogging. Don’t be a jerk, don’t blog only about yourself, and don’t stop writing.

{Evan — no! Melissa!} at My Journey to Millions noted that it isn’t always the worst idea to hire someone to do things for you, especially if their hourly rate is less than what you can earn on the side or during your day job.

I just finished reading {The Year of Living Biblically} by A.J. Jacobs, and while I don’t have enough to say to write a book report, I really like his writing style, and enjoyed the book.

Happy weekend!

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