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Throughout my writing, I link to places I think are worth mentioning. Many of these are affiliates, which means that if you click on them, I get a small amount of money from the company, saying, “hey thanks for recommending us!” but I cannot be bought. Okay, it’s true. Everyone has a price. But mine is higher than these companies pay, and I’m only recommending products I believe in.


Cut the Cord

Republic Wirelessrp_republic-wireless-review_qbyveu.png

Save over $100 a month with the cheapest cell phone plan in town, hands down. Brent has it, and his cell phone bill is $25/month. Read his review here. If you can survive without your iPhone, you can save serious cash.

Save on Things You’re Already Buying

Check Groupon First

Groupon is a great way to save on things you’re already purchasing. Trying not to spend so much money in restaurants? Check Groupon first.


Cheaper Lodging Options


AirBnB is an awesome option for getting a local flavor when you come visit Portland. Here’s a quick breakdown of some fun neighborhoods in Portland to check out.

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Check Groupon First