Finding a new credit card: step two

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“Don’t worry about sign up bonuses. Get the card that will give you the most money back, the one you will use on a regular basis. And it’s a good thing you didn’t get approved for an Amex because you can’t use those everywhere,” said the voice of reason.

The voice of reason is my boyfriend. An analytical introvert who has never once gotten into trouble with money. He spends less than he earns. Period. He even saves enough money to give a loan (with interest!) to his parents for a house remodel. My parents still pay my cell phone bill. Sometimes it’s like he’s from another planet. But he makes good sense, and I listen to his advice.

So I got excited when I applied online for a cash-back card from Chase. (Links to a review, not an application.)

I was approved in sixty seconds.

I was on the phone with the voice of reason last night, telling him how excited I was to a) get approved immediately and b) get $200 back if I spend $500 in three months.

“You didn’t listen to ANY of my advice,” he lamented. So I went on. No! Actually it’s better because there are revolving categories where you get 5% back so we’ll have to figure out how to buy all of our groceries in one three-month period and hope we only want to see movies during the movie quarter.

Then he was happy. “Good job,” he said.

And I hung up, feeling like a champion.

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