Conscious Spending: Robot Vacuums




robot vacuums are definitely worth it

It might sound ridiculous that a robot vacuum would be mentioned on a site such as this.

And yet?

Robot vacuums are absolutely worthwhile.

I use mine every single day.

So, when I stumbled upon this one, courtesy of Groupon, I had to share.

Sure, it’s not Roomba, but it’s also not $350 (which, again, still worth it! Right now, there are three dogs in my house).

Let me put this another way: do you vacuum your house every day?

I can look you in the eye and tell you that I do. Yep, I vacuum every day, why?

I also vacuum under the couches and table and side table —  you know, those pesky dust collection areas?

You should still read Jeff’s story, but since this offer is only good for three days, I had to share it right now. If you haven’t jumped on the robot vacuum bandwagon, now’s your chance.

Click here to get yours.