Work With Me

Welcome to Frugal Portland, where we write about how to save half a paycheck, how to live simply, how to be frugal, and how to have fun in Portland, Oregon!

Stats (as of October 2013):

  • Page Rank: 3
  • Domain Authority: 48
  • 8000+ page views per month
  • Mostly US
  • Highly engaged

Frugal Portland offers a variety of ways to expose your brand to our readers.

I’m particularly interested in partnering with local (Portland-area) businesses. Do you have a restaurant? Bar? Gluten-free bakery? Something cool you want to promote? New product you’d like me to review? Let me know!

No matter what, here are my ground rules:

  1. Everything I write is an honest reflections of my experiences.
  2. If I didn’t pay for something myself, I disclose that to my readers.
  3. Any paid-for product or service will include a disclaimer identifying it as such. Frugal Portland reserves the right to decline to publish a review or post if it does not fit the site’s content and editorial line. All reviews will be written fairly and honestly, with no guarantee of a positive conclusion.

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